After a brutal assault on Monday Night RAW, Drew McIntyre taunts an injured WWE star.

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Drew McIntyre
Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre’s recent heel turn has been met with enthusiasm from the WWE Universe, who have long awaited this change. The Scottish Warrior’s latest actions on Monday Night RAW, where he mercilessly targeted an injured star, underscore his newfound aggression.

Last year, McIntyre shifted to a heel persona following his unsuccessful bid to capture the WWE World Heavyweight Championship from Seth Rollins. Since then, he has engaged in confrontations with several fan-favorite wrestlers on the red brand.

In the most recent episode of Monday Night RAW, McIntyre launched a brutal assault on CM Punk, who delivered disheartening news following WWE Royal Rumble 2024. McIntyre’s subsequent mocking of the injured Punk on Twitter adds another layer of intensity to their rivalry.

With Punk’s absence from WrestleMania 40, the anticipated matchup between him and Seth Rollins is now uncertain, leaving fans eager to see McIntyre’s next move on Monday Night RAW.

Drew McIntyre
Drew McIntyre

According to Konnan, Drew McIntyre is set to take center stage on WWE RAW.

McIntyre’s decision to embrace his heel persona comes after he struggles to gain traction as a baby face during the Pandemic Era. While his transformation has been gradual, fans are embracing this new, aggressive side of the former WWE Champion.

Discussing McIntyre’s future on Keepin It 100, Konnan believes that WWE management has significant plans for The Scottish Warrior on Monday Night RAW, positioning him as a central figure leading up to WrestleMania 40.

Despite some reservations about McIntyre’s entrance gimmick, Konnan acknowledges the compelling storytelling surrounding McIntyre’s character development and expects him to play a pivotal role in the months ahead.


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