Alex Bowman dispels Hendrick speculation with his victory on a rainy Chicago street circuit in the Cup series

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Alex Bowman is pumped up on the stage after winning the race

Alex Bowman celebrated his 30th birthday in an Iowa hospital last year after injuring his back in a short-track accident, feeling like he had disappointed everyone.

Fast forward to Sunday night, Bowman put those tough times behind him by winning the NASCAR Cup Series race at a rainy street course in downtown Chicago. It was his first win since March 2022 in Las Vegas, ending an 80-race winless streak.

“There are a lot of emotions tied to this victory because of how difficult it has been,” Bowman expressed.

Securing his eighth career Cup Series win, Bowman also became the final Hendrick Motorsports driver to lock in a playoff spot this year. His victory marks the 12th different winner in the Cup series, leaving four playoff spots open with six races left in the regular season.

This win was also significant for Bowman’s crew chief, Blake Harris, who took over before the 2023 season.

Despite having 11 top-10 finishes this year, Bowman’s winless streak led to speculation about his future at Hendrick. However, this victory seemed to silence those discussions.

Alex Bowman and his team with the trophy after winning the race

“I understand why people speculate… It’s a tough industry,” remarked NASCAR Hall of Famer Jeff Gordon, who is also a Hendrick executive.

“At Hendrick Motorsports, especially when the other three drivers have won, you expect to be in that same category, and it hasn’t been happening. Hopefully, this win puts an end to the rumors.”

Bowman’s contract with Hendrick extends through the 2026 season. While he acknowledged the speculation surrounding his future, he emphasized that no one within the team has questioned his position.

“I believe winning races is important when you’re at HMS,” Bowman stated. “But there has never been any doubt about my position. Everyone has been supportive and focused on how to help the team succeed.”


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