Aljamain Sterling Secures Victory Over Calvin Kattar in UFC 300 Featherweight Bout: Recap and Future Prospects

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UFC 300 Results: Aljamain Sterling defeats Calvin Kattar (Highlights)

In the highly anticipated UFC 300 featherweight bout between Aljamain Sterling and Calvin Kattar, Sterling made his featherweight debut following a previous TKO loss to Sean O’Malley in the bantamweight division.

Kattar, on the other hand, sought to break a two-fight losing streak after defeats against Arnold Allen and Josh Emmett. As the fight commenced, Sterling aggressively initiated with strikes, but Kattar managed to land some counters, showcasing his jab and a head kick.

Sterling, demonstrating his versatility, attempted to establish dominance by initiating a clinch and securing takedowns throughout the match. Despite Kattar’s efforts to defend and return strikes, Sterling’s grappling prowess proved formidable. The former bantamweight champion managed to control the pace of the fight, consistently pressing Kattar against the cage and executing takedowns, showcasing his well-rounded skill set.

As the fight progressed into the second round, Sterling maintained his strategy of mixing striking with clinch work, delivering knees and forcing Kattar into defensive positions. Despite the crowd’s dissatisfaction, Sterling persisted with his game plan, securing another takedown and controlling Kattar on the ground. Despite Kattar’s resilience, Sterling’s control remained evident throughout the round.

In the final round, Sterling continued to showcase his ground game, executing takedowns and maintaining control over Kattar. Despite Kattar’s attempts to escape and retaliate, Sterling’s relentless pressure and grappling proficiency prevailed. Sterling’s ground and pound further solidified his dominance in the match, culminating in a unanimous decision victory.

With his victory over Kattar at UFC 300, the question arises as to who Sterling will face next in the featherweight division. Sterling’s impressive performance opens up possibilities for future matchups against other top contenders in the division, promising exciting prospects for his future in UFC’s featherweight landscape.


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