Alonso Calls Australian GP Penalty “Strange,” but Sticks to Racing Approach in F1

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Alonso: “Strange” Australian GP penalty won’t change approach to racing in F1

The Aston Martin driver found himself in hot water during the Melbourne race as he received a drive-through penalty, later converted to a 20-second time addition. This penalty stemmed from his aggressive defense tactics against George Russell during the final lap at Albert Park.

His strategy of early deceleration, aimed at securing a clean exit from Turn 6, caught Russell off guard. The sudden loss of grip in the dirty air led Russell to crash into the barriers, obstructing the circuit.

Fernando Alonso expressed his surprise at the stewards’ decision but maintained that the incident was a one-off and wouldn’t alter his future driving behavior. When asked about his understanding of defensive driving rules following the penalty, Alonso stated, “It was clear. And I think it’s still clear.”

He acknowledged the penalty in Melbourne but emphasized that it wouldn’t change their approach to racing. Alonso highlighted the variability in driving styles throughout a race, including adjusting pace to conserve fuel, tires, or battery. Such tactics, he stressed, are standard in motorsports and will continue to be.

Alonso Calls Australian GP Penalty "Strange," but Sticks to Racing Approach in F1
Alonso Calls Australian GP Penalty “Strange,” but Sticks to Racing Approach in F1 (Credits: The Athletic)

Regarding the incident with Russell, Alonso questioned whether the outcome would have been different had Russell not crashed. He believed that if the track had different features, such as run-off areas like in Abu Dhabi, the incident might not have resulted in a penalty.

Alonso expressed concern about the safety of Turn 6 at the Australian circuit, noting previous accidents involving other drivers. He suggested that improving safety measures at the corner should take precedence over scrutinizing drivers’ actions.

Despite wanting to move on from the incident, Alonso reiterated his view that the severity of the penalty wasn’t the main issue; rather, it was the decision to penalize him in the first place. He emphasized the need to focus on future races rather than dwelling on past events.

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