Andrew Luck did not contemplate making a comeback to football

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Andrew Luck (Credits; SKY Sports)

Andrew Luck returned to Indianapolis on Friday evening. He stated that he never entertained the thought of coming back to football.

“When I retired, I made a clear decision in my mind,” Luck expressed, as reported by Joal A. Erickson of the Indianapolis Star. “There were many complexities surrounding it, and it was a difficult time, as you all witnessed that night. However, that part of my life has remained settled.”

Luck retired suddenly in August 2019, just before turning 30. He was at the peak of his career and had a strong passion for the sport.

Football brings a sense of purpose and structure,” Luck shared. “Being part of a team fulfills various aspects like building relationships, community, purpose, and hard work. There are aspects of it that one misses, which can’t be replicated in other parts of life.”

Andrew Luck

Now, nearing 35, he’s back, feeling indebted to the sport, despite only playing in the NFL for seven seasons.

“Football has given me so much, especially the relationships and experiences with people I cherish,” Luck expressed. “I feel it’s my responsibility now to give back to the game.”

It’s as if he waited until he was sure he wouldn’t feel the urge to return. His recent appearance in Indianapolis suggests he’s confident that football won’t draw him back in.

He could still play if he wished. He’s younger than Russell Wilson and Kirk Cousins, who were in the same draft class. However, it seems Luck has no intention of returning, despite being younger than some current NFL quarterbacks.

Whatever led to Luck’s decision to step away, it was powerful enough to outweigh his love for the game and his desire to continue playing.


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