Andrew Nembhard’s Clutch Three Lifts Pacers Over Knicks in Game 3

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Andrew Nembhard

In a crucial moment during Game 3 between the Indiana Pacers and the New York Knicks, with only 22 seconds remaining and the score tied at 106, Tyrese Haliburton controlled the ball as the shot clock ticked down.

Despite the pressure, it wasn’t Haliburton who made the decisive play but rather Andrew Nembhard, a 24-year-old former second-round pick struggling with his shooting performance throughout the game.

Nembhard, who had been 1-of-7 from the field, found himself in possession of the ball with just four seconds left on the shot clock. He took matters into his own hands, dribbling four times, executing a step-back move, and launching a remarkable 31-foot shot that found nothing but net. His clutch three-pointer gave the Pacers a critical lead with only 16 seconds remaining on the clock.

Andrew Nembhard
Nembhard celebrates crucial 3-pointer in Pacers’ 111-106 victory over Knicks.

Following Nembhard’s heroics, the Knicks hurried to attempt a three-pointer of their own, with Jalen Brunson taking the shot. However, the attempt fell short, and a couple of successful free throws by Aaron Nesmith sealed a 111–106 victory for the Indiana Pacers, keeping their hopes alive in the series.

Tyrese Haliburton, acknowledging Nembhard’s pivotal contribution, praised his teammate’s crucial three-pointer during a post-game interview. Despite facing adversity and being behind in the series, the Pacers rallied together, making enough plays down the stretch to secure the win, with Nembhard’s shot standing out as a defining moment.

With the series now standing at 2–1 in favor of the Knicks, the Indiana Pacers have shown resilience and determination heading into Game 4. Haliburton, who delivered an outstanding performance with 35 points, led the charge for the Pacers, showcasing his versatility with seven assists, four rebounds, two steals, and one block.

As both teams prepare to return to the court for Game 4 in Indianapolis, the Pacers aim to build on their momentum and level the series, setting the stage for an intense showdown.


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