Angel Reese’s Inspiring Statement on Embracing Challenges as a WNBA Rookie Wins Fans’ Hearts

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Angel Reese, LSU, WNBA
Reese features for LSU in WNBA (Credit:Teen Vogue)

Former LSU standout Angel Reese didn’t have to wait long to make her mark at the WNBA draft on Monday night, as the Chicago Sky snagged her with the No. 7 pick.

Amidst the excitement, Reese shared a poignant moment with LSU coach Kim Mulkey, embracing the significance of the occasion. Reflecting further during her press conference, Reese delved into her decision to forego her final year of eligibility at LSU in favor of leaping into the WNBA.

Angel Reese, WNBA, LSU
Reese in action with LSU (Credit: Wikipedia )

“I sought more personal growth,” Reese explained. “I felt a need to reset. Since our national championship win, I’ve been riding high, but I yearn for a fresh start.

Once again, I welcome the challenges of being a rookie. I’m eager to learn from seasoned veterans, to face adversity, and to rise stronger.

Playing alongside and against extraordinary talent in this fiercely competitive league excites me. I thrive on competition and crave the opportunity to measure myself against the best.”


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