Are WWE Wrestlers on Steroids? Explained

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WWE champions
WWE and steroids? (Credits: Digital Spy)

WWE is one of the most popular games, and we all have our favorite wrestlers playing in the same. But every sport fans have queries related to the players and their extraordinary performance.

Many fanbases doubt WWE wrestlers’ intake of steroids and want to know if it is a part of their daily schedule or performance. WWE launched a drug-abuse policy which is being updated every two years and is supposed to prohibit PED substances which include anabolic steroids IGF (Insulin-like growth factor ) and HGH (Human growth hormone).

Do Wrestlers take Steroids?

Many of the wrestlers do take steroids and have made it a medium for their better performance. During testimony, it can be seen that 85-90 percent of wrestlers admit that they use steroids and have used them at some point in their life.

Though some well-known wrestlers do not use performance-enhancing drugs, for example, Rusev had never been into such practices and had been naturally strong. Even though he gained some weight during his period in WWE, he gradually became fit and was still naturally healthy.

Why would WWE players use Steroids?

Sometimes the reason WWE players use steroids is because of the pressure from the WWE executives. For example, Kevin Wacholz said that one of the executives named McMahon ordered him to take steroids or he would get him fired.

By taking steroids, one can achieve a muscular body, and they don’t need to work much as a bodybuilder. If one doesn’t want to consider long-term health and longevity, then humans can go for steroids to increase their performance.

WWE wrestlers are randomly tested during the year, but the staff can randomly test even if they have doubts about the particular wrestler.

WWE wrestlers on steroids?
WWE Wrestlers on Steroids (Credits: Roman Reigns)

The reason for the intake of steroids has become a huge discussion in recent years because of the several death that have occurred due to such substances.

The deaths of Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, Ross Haas, and Bill Pullman were identified as a case of substance or drug intake. The steroid-related death usually involves heart attacks.

We all know that the winners of the WWE are pre-decided or can say that the match results are already decided before the matches, so why is there the need to take steroids? Is it just for showing off or harming the body? It’s similar to purposely harming your own body just for the sake of appearance.

Several wrestlers who have recently admitted to taking steroids are The Rock, William Regal, Lex Luger, The ultimate warrior, Hulk Hogan, Ryback, and superstar Billy Graham.

The ones who have been into such practices for years are becoming a bad inspiration for the new wrestlers as the new ones get attracted to the muscular body of such wrestlers and end up taking steroids.

Intake of steroids is surely a harmful way of building up your appearance. In the field of wrestling, one needs to work hard and build their own body with proper exercises and diet. Wrestlers need not have a fake appearance in front of their fans as it ultimately leads to disappointment and affects their health risking their lives.


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