Arsenal’s Awaited Return to the Champions League is Finally Here

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arsenal champions league
Arsenal makes a powerful move towards the Champions League (Credits: The Sun)

Arsenal is ready to make its comeback to the Champions League after a long break of six years. Being in UEFA’s elite European competition not only promises the team a possibility to win the trophy, but it could overall help the team grow.

Arsenal has been a part of the Europa League for many years now, but so far, the team has not won any matches and has instead only incurred bad luck with its players getting injured up to the condition of being unable to walk for long periods of time.

The world of modern football does not often throw light on the I’ll side of the long flights. While they are usually overlooked, long flights tend to have a bad impact on the body of the players and their condition before and after the game.

However, if we choose not to focus on the bad bits of it, Arsenal’s return to the Champions League could result in a bad term for their rivals. After the unexpected win at Goodison Park and the defensive defeat of Manchester United at the Emirates Stadium, Arsenal has shown its improvement to the world. Though the team did incur a defeat at the hands of Brighton at Old Trafford, the Gunners have secured a total of seven-point lead over their old rivals.

The gap created between Arsenal and its rivals.

The team has formed a gap between itself and its rivals with the season approaching. However, the points are not the only thing that has created this game between the two.

The gap is also on the basis of the distance as the teams will be traveling for the match, with Manchester United being the unlucky one of the pair.

Arteta with the squad
Arsenal’s Boss with his team (Credits: Arsenal)

According to Sambla, the Gunners will be flying for a total of 2,850 air miles for the three different games to be held in Sevilla, Lens, and Eindhoven. This makes the team the 27th in the list of clubs flying the most miles. The other teams that are flying even less than the Gunners are Lens, Young Boys, PSG, Red Star, and Borussia Dortmund.

Manchester United is the 6th on the list of the most miles to be covered by a team, with a total of 5,970 air miles. The Royal Antwerp, Sevilla, Union Berlin, Porto, and Galatasaray will be the other teams flying more air miles. While the Turkish club will be committing to 7,712 miles of travel.

With the Champions League approaching, the teams are getting ready to fly to the stadiums from all over the world. The fans are waiting for the arrival of the team and anticipating a great battle on the field of football.

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