Arthur Blank Fully Supports Kirk Cousins and Michael Penix Jr. on Falcons

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Atlanta Falcons Owner Arthur Blank ‘Very Supportive’ of Kirk Cousins, Michael Penix Jr.

In the midst of the 2024 NFL Draft, a video emerged revealing Atlanta Falcons’ general manager Terry Fontenot in a discussion with team owner Arthur Blank immediately following their selection of Washington quarterback Michael Penix Jr. with the eighth overall pick. Fontenot’s lively gestures and Blank’s focused attention garnered interest, leading to a range of interpretations.

Many observers took the interaction out of context, speculating on its meaning. Fontenot clarified that the discussion likely revolved around the Falcons’ draft strategy for the remaining rounds, indicating their intention to maneuver the draft board throughout the night. Prior to the draft, Atlanta had committed to the idea of potentially trading back into the first round, irrespective of their initial pick.

Kirk Cousins and Michael Penix Jr.
Quarterback Kirk Cousins and Quarterback Michael Penix Jr. are on the same team, the Atlanta Falcons

Following the selection of Penix, the Falcons initiated discussions with multiple teams, setting criteria for potential trade scenarios. Fontenot explained that the video likely captured him discussing trade possibilities with Blank, outlining different scenarios and the assets required for each move. This dialogue was part of their broader strategy to optimize their draft position and target specific players.

The video’s significance was unrelated to the Falcons’ controversial decision to draft Penix, especially after signing quarterback Kirk Cousins to a lucrative contract. Under Blank’s leadership, there has been a restructuring of the team’s decision-making hierarchy, with Fontenot and coach Arthur Smith now reporting directly to Blank.

Despite scrutiny over quarterback decisions, Blank has expressed full support for Fontenot and interim head coach Raheem Morris, emphasizing alignment and commitment to returning the Falcons to playoff contention after a six-year absence.


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