Austin Ekeler Latest Injury Updates

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Austin Ekeler on field (credit: draftking networks)

25,000 ankle sprints in the U.S. alone on a daily basis. Austin Ekeler, Chargers running back, had one last week we’re going to talk about for a few moments.

Austin Ekeler had an ankle sprain in last week’s game. Now he had a hundred yards over 100 yards rushing in the game but ended up injured with an ankle and did not practice on Wednesday and Thursday, and he’s been ruled out for Tomorrow’s game.

So, what does that mean for week three? Because in week two, we know he’s out. So, let’s talk about Ankle Springs first. As in the opening remarks, 25,000 ankle Spring happen every day in the USA.

Austin Ekeler
Austin Ekeler (Credits: CBS Sports)

All you need to know about the ankle sprains.

Now, if every single one of them missed a week of work or practice, that would be a humongous deal with a humongous financial impact on the U.S. economy alone.

So, thankfully, most ankle springs are just your routine ankle sprains, but there are varieties of these ankle sprains. So, when we look at this anatomical picture, this is called the ATFL, and It is the ligament that is always sprained in every inversion injury now.

Inversion injuries are where your foot rolls inwards; therefore, people say your ankle is rolling out, but it’s really your foot inwards that’s called an inversion injury, and it’s the most common type of ankle sprain.

When you get a grade one, which is just one of your lower grades, the ATFL is injured as it gets more and more severe as you twist in more, and that energy increases the injury. This ligament here is called the CFL ligament, and then if you roll it even more, you injure this ligament here called the PTFL ligament.

Austin Ekeler
Austin Ekeler injury

How the injury can affect an athletes

This ligament, in consequence, can be injured with increasing severity. Sometimes, people will twist and then rotate their foot outwards. That’s called an eternal rotation moment to their ankle sprain.

That is the mechanism by which you get a high ankle sprain, which is injuring this ligament here, which ends up a little bit higher than your ankle. Hence the high ankle sprain, and there’s another type of ankle sprain where you do what’s called an eversion injury.

Austin Ekeler
Austin is showing skills on the field (Credits: Chargers)

It’s where your foot rolls outwards, and your ankle kind of rolls that eversion injury can damage a ligament called the deltoid ligament. Now, we’re going through all this because we know from at least what we’re being told from the staff for the charges that Echo does not have a high ankle sprain.

So if that is true, let’s mark that off and say okay, it does not have a high ankle sprain. We don’t know what type of ankle sprain he does, a lateral or outer ankle sprain, which is why you saw with the ATFL, CFL, and PTFL.

Or it is an e-version ankle sprain or medial ankle sprain, which is where the deltoid ligament is injured, and sometimes people can have both sides, the inner and outer side of the ligaments, sprained. Now, the matter is he cannot return after one week of this injury.


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