Bedard and the Blackhawks to Welcome the Blues to Wrigley Field for 2025 NHL Winter Classic

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Bedard, Blackhawks to Host Blues at Cubs’ Wrigley Field for 2025 NHL Winter Classic

Wrigley Field, known for hosting numerous Chicago-St. Louis baseball rivalry matchups are set to witness a different kind of competition in 2025.

The NHL has announced that the Chicago Blackhawks will host the St. Louis Blues in the 2025 NHL Winter Classic at the iconic venue. This announcement expands the scope of city rivalries on display at Wrigley Field beyond baseball.

The NHL confirmed the event on Wednesday, drawing excitement from fans and players alike. The Blackhawks took to social media platforms to express their enthusiasm for the upcoming spectacle, with both official announcements and fan-driven reactions flooding timelines.

This isn’t the first time Wrigley Field has played host to the Winter Classic. The inaugural event at the historic ballpark took place in 2009, featuring a matchup between the Blackhawks and the Detroit Red Wings. Now, more than a decade later, the Winter Classic returns to Chicago’s beloved stadium for another memorable showdown.

For Chicago, this game will mark their fourth Winter Classic appearance and their seventh time participating in outdoor NHL games, a testament to the city’s passion for hockey.

The Blackhawks’ selection underscores their rich history in the sport and their enduring presence on the national stage. With rising talent like Connor Bedard, the team looks to build on its legacy and shape its future.

On the other side, the St. Louis Blues bring their own story to the ice. Having last played in the Winter Classic in 2022, facing the Minnesota Wild, they enter this matchup with experience and a hunger for victory.

Blackhawks coach Luke Richardson expressed his excitement for the outdoor spectacle, reminiscing about his childhood memories of playing outdoor hockey.

Despite the Blackhawks’ mixed record in outdoor games, including a notable win at Soldier Field in 2014, they face a tough challenge against the Blues, who are currently in playoff contention.

As anticipation builds for the 2025 NHL Winter Classic at Wrigley Field, fans prepare to witness another chapter in the storied rivalry between Chicago and St. Louis, set against the backdrop of one of baseball’s most iconic venues.

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