Bellingham cites Roosevelt’s ‘Man in the Arena’ speech following stunning goal at Euro 2024

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Jude Bellingham celebrates at the end of the round of sixteen

Jude Bellingham, known as one of the world’s most exciting soccer players, scored a remarkable goal against Slovakia on Sunday, showcasing his talent. His choice to reference a speech by former U.S. president Theodore Roosevelt was unexpected, especially considering he had just turned 21 the day before.

Bellingham’s overhead kick in stoppage time rescued England when they were trailing Slovakia 1-0 in the Euro 2024 round of 16 match. This goal forced the game into extra time, and Harry Kane’s goal secured a 2-1 victory. As a result, England will face Switzerland in the quarterfinals on Saturday.

After the match, Bellingham shared part of Roosevelt’s speech, known as “The Man in the Arena,” on his Instagram. This move was likely in response to the strong criticism England has faced during the tournament.

Jude Bellingham

The speech starts with “It is not the critic who counts” and praises those who are actively involved, not just onlookers. This speech has inspired top U.S. athletes like Tom Brady and LeBron James, who writes “Man in the Arena” on his shoes before games, but it’s less familiar in Britain.

During Euro 2024, England’s players have been booed by fans due to their inconsistent performances. Gary Lineker, a former captain of the national team and now a BBC presenter, strongly criticized their play on his podcast.

Bellingham acknowledged the pressure of playing for England, saying, “It’s enjoyable but also challenging here.” He added, “People say a lot of nonsense, so it’s satisfying to perform well and answer back.”


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