Bengals QB Joe Burrow Explained Why He Chose to Play on Monday, Saying, ‘there’s Also a Risk of Going Out there and Having Zero Wins

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Joe Burrow
Joe Burrow (Credits: Billboard)

Joe Burrow played against his old team in the Lombardi Trophy, and his team won. But Joe had a hurt leg called a calf injury. Because of the hurt leg, he could not play as well as he normally does, even though he is really good at throwing the football.

Even though Joe Burrow did not play as beautifully as he normally does, he led the Cincinnati Bengals to win the game against the Los Angeles Rams. Sometimes, when you are hurt, you can still play and help your team win, and that is what Joe did.

“There is the risk of going out there and potentially getting hurt again, but there is also the risk of going out there and going 0-3,” Burrow said after the game. He said I was confident that I could do what I needed to do to win.”

Bengals QB Joe Burrow Explained Why He Chose to Play on Monday, Saying, 'there's Also a Risk of Going Out there and Having Zero Wins
Bengals QB Joe Burrow (Credits: FOX19)

Burrow, playing against the Rams for the first time since beating the Bengals in Super Bowl LVI, was questionable for the night after aggravating a calf injury in Week 2. Most of the time, Barrow looked stiff, uncomfortable, and anxious and released quickly when pressure was applied.

After a 1-2 start, with the Bengals’ offense mostly struggling due to a calf injury, Burrow carried the load, completing 26 of 49 passes, no touchdowns, one interception, and a 59.8 rating was recorded.

Conventional wisdom for many experts was that the Bengals would rest their franchise QB to allow his problematic calf to heal to avoid the possibility of a long-term illness. But that was not the move for the Bengals and Burrow.

“We have been in good shape the last few days,” Bengals head coach Zac Taylor said. We felt like we were in a good position because we knew how this situation was going to turn out. ”

“I had a training session today, and I felt good enough to play. It felt good out there,” Burrow said. Barrow certainly was not particularly good-looking or lived up to the exceptional standards he set. Nevertheless, despite below-average performances, he achieved victories on two fronts.

Burrow won his first game with a passer rating below 80. He also escaped unscathed. He was at least not as bad as he was before the game against Aaron Donald and the Rams, getting sacked twice and taking six QB hits.

“I feel good,” Barrow said. “I did not have any setbacks today, but I still had setbacks every day. I have learned through this process that you can have setbacks at any time. “So it was good to get through this game. That is what I am going to get. Next week, I will be even stronger, so I hope I can train for a full week to prepare for next week.”

All was well on Monday, but Burrow’s health will once again be a major topic of conversation heading into Week 4’s road game against the Tennessee Titans. The other dilemma is whether the injured Burrow can perform after three below-average games.

Burrow has two games with a passer rating below 60 this season. He has never played a match like this in his career. He has only thrown two touchdowns in three games, but he has the same number of interceptions.

The Calf Changed His Game a Lot, But He Admitted It!

The Calf changed His Game a Lot, But He Admitted it!
Bengals QB Joe Burrow (Credits: Death Valley Voice)

“We were pretty cautious about extending play,” he said. “He threw the ball away quickly. But we were able to get the job done. ”

Burrow and the Bengals got the job done Monday. Beyond Week 4, nothing remains to be seen as nothing has changed as of Monday about Cincinnati’s approach to its future QB1 and Wade.

Monday is Monday, tomorrow is a new day, and everyday life continues.

“I say that every day because that’s what we do,” Taylor said. “You never know for sure, and you just want an honest answer that he gave. And he went to the doctors, and they all agreed and felt good. And he went out and said, He gave a great performance…”Motitaru.”


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