Benson, Candelario, and Stephenson lead the Cincinnati Reds to a commanding 13-3 victory over the Colorado Rockies

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Darryl Scott talks to Ryan Feltner in the fourth inning

Will Benson brought in three runs, while Jeimer Candelario and Tyler Stephenson each smashed a two-run homer, propelling the Cincinnati Reds to a decisive 13-3 victory over the Colorado Rockies on Monday night.

The Reds scored their highest number of runs this season, marking their seventh win in the last ten games after initially struggling with a 20-30 start.

Despite their low ranking in batting average and hits among MLB teams, the Reds dominated the Rockies’ pitchers, tallying 18 hits. Every player in their starting lineup managed at least one hit, with this performance tying for the most hits the Rockies have conceded in a game this season.

Candelario highlighted the Reds’ ability to capitalize on scoring opportunities and praised their consistency in driving runs home.

Jonathan India and Spencer Steer both contributed three hits each for the Reds, although India’s six-game walk streak came to an end.

Jonathan India scores a triple in the fourth inning

Candelario showcased his hitting prowess with two extra-base hits, including his seventh home run of the season and team-leading 14th double.

Steer demonstrated strong form with eight hits in his last 14 at-bats over three games, while Stephenson’s sixth homer of the season came in the ninth inning.

Andrew Abbott secured his third win in five starts, pitching six innings and striking out six while allowing three earned runs.

Reds manager David Bell commended Abbott’s performance, especially in a challenging ballpark like Colorado’s, noting the pitcher’s adjustments and strong finish.


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