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Bills' Tre'davious White Won't Play for the Rest of the 2023 Season Due to a Leg Injury

Bills’ Tre’davious White Won’t Play for the Rest of the 2023 Season Due to a Leg Injury

The Bills had a win against the Dolphins on Sunday, but they got some sad news later on. One of their main players, Tre’Davious White, hurt his leg badly and will not be able to play for the rest of this year. Their manager, Sean McDermott, made it known to everyone on Monday.

White got hurt during the game when he was trying to stop a player from the other team. He did not even bump into anyone; it just happened while he was doing his job. He seemed very upset and had to leave the field on a special cart.

Bills' Tre'davious White Won't Play for the Rest of the 2023 Season Due to a Leg Injury
Bills’ Tre’davious White (Credits: Sports Illustrated)

White hurting his leg and, at the same time, not being able to play for the rest of the year is a big problem for the team’s defense. They were also hoping to have another strong player, Von Miller, come back soon, but he will not be practicing this week. Losing White is like losing a star player, and it is not good at all for the team.

“This game is a big burden that people do not really understand,” wide receiver Stefon Diggs, one of many teammates who expressed sadness over White’s injury, said after the game Sunday, according to ESPN. “It is pretty difficult considering everything he is been through already. Keep him in your prayers.”

He Embodies What It Means to Be a Buffalo Bill.

It is easy to say he is disappointed, but soccer means a lot to him. You can tell by the way he works, the way he works, the way he approaches every day. He does not mind the spotlight at all. It is important for him to be able to be as a player and as a teammate. …It is tough at times like this.”

He Embodies What it Means to Be a Buffalo Bill
Tre’davious (Credits: Buffalo Bills)

The 28-year-old cornerback, who has 18 interceptions in 82 career games with the Bills, is just two seasons removed from tearing his ACL on Thanksgiving. He returned just one year later, suiting up for Buffalo’s 2022 Thanksgiving game against the Lions and finishing out the rest of the season.

White now faces another tough recovery, but McDermott is confident the All-Pro will persevere once again. “He embodies what it means to be a Buffalo Bill,” McDermott said Sunday. “His family is great, and he works harder than anyone I have ever been with.” I like him

“It is sad to see him hurt on the field. But I am really proud of how our team came together to back him up. I believe he will get better because he is very strong and tough.”


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