Billy Eppler, Former New York Mets General Manager, Suspended Until 2024 World Series for Falsifying Injuries

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Former New York Mets GM Billy Eppler suspended through 2024 World Series for fabricating injuries

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred has announced the suspension of former New York Mets general manager Billy Eppler through the 2024 World Series for violating the league’s injured list regulations, as revealed by the league on Friday.

Eppler, who stepped down from his position as Mets GM at the conclusion of the 2023 season, has been penalized for what MLB described as “improper use of Injured List placements, including the deliberate fabrication of injuries; and the associated submission of documentation for the purposes of securing multiple improper Injured List placements during the 2022 and 2023 seasons.”

Billy Eppler
Billy Eppler (Credits: Forbes)

The league’s investigation, spanning four months and involving interviews with over three dozen individuals, concluded that Eppler, while cooperative, had contravened the rules independently of any influence from Mets ownership. Notably, no other team executives were implicated in Manfred’s report.

Eppler assumed the role of Mets GM in November 2021 but tendered his resignation in October 2023, just a day after the investigation’s disclosure and three days following the appointment of David Stearns as the team’s president of baseball operations.

In response to the league’s findings, the Mets issued a statement affirming their awareness of MLB’s investigation outcome. They further indicated that with Eppler’s resignation and Stearns now at the helm of baseball operations, they consider the matter resolved and decline further commentary on the issue.

Under the terms of his suspension, Eppler is prohibited from working for any MLB team or the league itself throughout the 2024 season unless Manfred elects to reinstate him before the culmination of the World Series.

As of now, the Mets have not appointed a successor to Eppler as general manager.


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