Brandon Beane stated that the Bills do not require a designated primary receiver

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The Bills recently traded their receiver Stefon Diggs to the Texans. This has led many to believe that the Bills will try to find a top receiver in the first round of the draft.

However, Bills General Manager Brandon Beane disagreed with this idea on Thursday.

Beane told reporters that what they need are players who are smart, versatile, and team-oriented, and who can make the most of their skills.

Whether it’s a tall receiver who can catch contested passes or someone who can make plays after catching the ball, that’s what they’re looking for. He added that having a designated “number one” receiver isn’t necessary for their offense to be successful.

Brandon Beane

These comments are part of the team’s strategy for the draft. However, it’s clear that they are interested in selecting a receiver with the 28th pick, and they might even need to trade up to get the player they want.

Beane’s remarks also give them some negotiating power in trade discussions and allow them to claim that they got their desired player, even if that wasn’t the case.

While they do need receivers, saying they need a replacement for Diggs isn’t entirely accurate. Toward the end of last season, Diggs wasn’t performing like a typical number-one receiver. So, the main goal is to replace his production rather than finding a specific type of receiver.


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