Broncos Face Rebuild If Losing Streak Continues

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Broncos lose to Dolhpins
Dolphins power past Bronocs (Credits: Megan Briggs/Getty Images)

The Denver Broncos have had a rough start to their 2023 season.

The Broncos have lost their opening three encounters, including a record-breaking defeat 70-20 defeat against the Dolphins.

The Broncos now get ready to face up against the Bears and Jets. Two games that may go on to define how the rest of their season may go.

Two more losses may just send the franchise into rebuild mode, forcing a squad overhaul and maybe even a coaching change.

The Broncos may look to shake things up before the trade deadline on October 31st if they fail to secure a win in either of their next two games.

The Broncos will be facing the Chiefs, Packers, and the Chiefs once more in October. A rebuild, if needed, should be quick and seamless.

Jerry Jeudy, Cortland Sutton, Garett Bolles, Randy Gregory, and Justin Simmons, considered some of their key players, may all find themselves on the trade list.

Only Patrick Surtain II may survive a massive overhaul that may take place within the Broncos.

The Broncos have lost out on draft picks in recent years due to the Russel Wilson trade, which has limited their options to improve the squad in the manner they would have liked.

GM George Paton may look to rebuild for the future if the Broncos fail to revive their season in the next two games.

The Broncos have stiff competition within their own division, with the Chiefs, led by Mahomes, and the Chargers, led by Herbert, standing out for their franchises.

Defensive Frailties

The Broncos defense was shattered against the Dolphins. The Dolphins scored 70 points, the highest for any NFL team since 1966.

The stats prove that the team from Denver just has not been able to stop their opponents. The Broncos rank last in total defense, yards allowed per play, run defense, and yards allowed per pass play while also ranking 31st in yards allowed per rush attempt. They rank 29th in pass defense, 31st in third-down defense, and 27th in sack percentage.

Vance Joseph faces pressure
Denver Broncos defensive coordinator Vance Joseph. (Credits: Jack Dempsey/AP)

Not all is doom for the Denver defense, though. They perform slightly better on the third down, ranking 21st.
A cause for concern, though, lies in the fact that the Broncos didn’t force a third down until halfway into the third quarter in their game against the Dolphins.

The Broncos no longer have Von Miller and Bradley Chubb, which leaves the defense dependent on Patrick Surtain and Justin Simmons, which is not enough in the long run for an entire NFL Season.

Defensive coordinator Vance Joseph, a former head coach of the Broncos, may find the sack if he cannot find a way to fill the holes in the Broncos’ defense before their season gets derailed.

The next two weeks will be key as the Broncos reassess their roster and determine in which direction they wish to go this season and even in the seasons that lie ahead.


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