Broncos Safety Kareem Jackson Seeks Clarity from NFL Commissioner Goodell on Suspension Controversy and Player Safety Rules

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Kareem Jackson
Kareem Jackson (Credits: NBC Sports)

Broncos safety Kareem Jackson expressed his intention to meet with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in New York on Wednesday to seek clarification regarding his recent suspension and to gain insights into the league’s enforcement of player safety rules.

In his first public comments since receiving his second suspension of the season, Jackson voiced his confusion about the treatment he has received, citing instances across the league where players faced no flags, fines, or suspensions for similar actions. The 14-year NFL veteran, who has faced a six-game suspension, two ejections, and a fine of $89,670 for four illegal hits this season, emphasized that his plays were regular football maneuvers without malicious intent.

Kareem Jackson
Kareem Jackson (Credits: FOX Sports)

Jackson, currently leading the league in fines and lost game checks, expressed his desire to understand why he seems to be the only one facing such consequences. He plans to inquire with Commissioner Goodell on strategies to avoid future penalties, as he believes he is playing within the bounds of the game and hasn’t crossed any lines.

The safety, who has already missed three games and will miss three more, resulting in a total wage loss of $837,000, received his second suspension for a hit on Minnesota Vikings quarterback Joshua Dobbs. Despite appeals, the suspension was upheld. Jackson aims to discuss with Goodell the lack of clarity from the league on how defenders should adjust their play to avoid penalties.

Acknowledging the league’s concerns about unnecessary roughness, Jackson contends that the NFL hasn’t provided clear guidance on avoiding problematic hits. He hopes the meeting with Goodell will yield some answers to help him navigate such situations in the future.

Jackson, who believes he is under increased scrutiny from the league, mentioned the ambiguity surrounding his first suspension and hopes for more transparency this time. Expressing skepticism about the potential outcome of the meeting, he feels like a “poster child” for the league’s message.

Unable to visit the team’s headquarters during his suspension, Jackson also intends to address the challenges of being cut off from team facilities with Goodell, emphasizing the apparent contradiction between the league’s advocacy for mental health and restrictive measures. He made these comments while arriving at the Ritz-Carlton in downtown Denver to attend teammate Pat Surtain II’s charity event, known as the “Inspire the Dream Gala,” benefitting disadvantaged youth.


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