Buescher addresses Reddick following another close-call NASCAR defeat at Darlington Raceway

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Tyler Reddick leads the other cars

Chris Buescher expressed his frustration after another close call that cost him a NASCAR victory for the second week in a row.

Last week at Kansas, Buescher narrowly missed out on victory by just 0.001 of a second to Kyle Larson, creating the closest finish in NASCAR history. This time, Buescher’s shot at winning the Goodyear 400 at Darlington vanished when Tyler Reddick attempted to pass him for the lead.

Reddick’s car made contact with Buescher’s, causing both cars to hit the wall and ruining their chances of winning. After the incident, Buescher confronted Reddick and expressed his frustration, pushing him and insisting that Reddick should not have made that move.

Reddick apologized, explaining that he had tried to avoid a collision and had no intention of wrecking Buescher’s car. However, Buescher was adamant, pointing to the NASCAR playoff decal on his car to emphasize his point.

Tyler Reddick leads the other cars

Buescher had already been dwelling on his loss to Kyle Larson at Kansas and was disappointed to face a similar situation at Darlington. This time, he was clear about who he held responsible for his missed opportunity.

Buescher expressed his disappointment after missing out on another chance to win a race two weeks in a row. He mentioned that he would constantly replay the race at Kansas, thinking about what he could have done differently. Regarding the incident with Reddick, Buescher believed that Reddick should have handled the situation more maturely.

Reddick continued to apologize for his aggressive move during the race. He admitted that he tried to make a pass but ended up using up Buescher’s chance to win by accident. Reddick acknowledged that he needs to improve his decision-making on the track.

Buescher’s team owner, Brad Keselowski, benefited from the altercation between Buescher and Reddick, securing his first NASCAR victory in three years. Keselowski understood Buescher’s frustration but encouraged him to stay true to himself and not change his approach.


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