Caleb Martin affirms his satisfaction with a $32 million contract with the Philadelphia 76ers despite rejecting a $65 million offer from Miami Heat

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Caleb Martin (NBA)

Caleb Martin turned down a significant offer from Miami, leaving behind millions of dollars, to sign with the Philadelphia 76ers for a chance at a fresh start and a shot at winning a championship alongside Joel Embiid, Tyrese Maxey, and Paul George.

Despite rejecting Miami’s contract that would have paid him around $65 million over five years, Martin opted for a four-year deal worth more than $32 million with the 76ers.

“There were various factors at play in my decision,” Martin explained at the Sixers’ New Jersey facility on Tuesday. “A lot happened behind the scenes. Ultimately, I made that choice. I can’t change the past. Now, I’m focused on Philly and doing everything I can to help us win a championship. That’s my main goal now.”

The 28-year-old Martin has averaged 8.5 points over five seasons, including the last three with the Heat, where he earned a reputation for elevating his performance in the playoffs.

In Philadelphia, Martin is expected to fill a starting role as the 76ers overhaul their roster following another early playoff exit. They made significant moves, including signing Paul George from the Clippers and securing Tyrese Maxey’s long-term commitment.

Team president Daryl Morey also added free agents Andre Drummond and Eric Gordon to the roster while re-signing Kelly Oubre Jr. These moves are aimed at pushing the team forward in the competitive NBA landscape, where they haven’t advanced past the second round since 2001.

The goal is to challenge reigning NBA champions Boston and keep pressure on teams like New York, Indiana, and Milwaukee to remain competitive in the Eastern Conference.

Caleb Martin goes up for a shot during the first half of an NBA basketball game

George signed a massive four-year, $212 million deal with the Sixers in free agency, while Maxey agreed to a five-year extension worth $204 million.

Martin went undrafted after playing for North Carolina State and Nevada in college. He faced uncertainty entering the NBA and had to prove himself in the G League. After a stint with Charlotte, he became a standout during the 2023 playoffs, helping the Heat reach the NBA Finals.

He could start the 2024 season as the power forward for a team that hasn’t won an NBA title since 1983.

Martin averaged 19.3 points on 60% shooting during the playoffs and scored a career-high 26 points in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference finals against Boston. He performed well in earlier rounds against top-seeded Milwaukee and New York.

His impressive play caught the attention of both the 76ers and Heat, who were eager to have him on their rosters. Ultimately, Martin chose Philadelphia, although it came at a personal cost, providing the Sixers with a valuable addition at a favorable price.

“I mean, of course you always want to maximize your earnings,” Martin reflected. “It’s part of the game, part of life. You take chances, sometimes they pay off, sometimes they don’t.”


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