Cam Newton Likens Jayden Daniels to Steelers’ Russell Wilson Ahead of NFL Draft

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Jayden Daniels Compared to Steelers’ Russell Wilson By Cam Newton Before NFL Draft

Cam Newton drew a striking parallel between Jayden Daniels, a highly touted NFL draft prospect, and Russell Wilson during his “4th&1” show, likening Daniels’ game to Wilson’s deceptive and versatile style. Newton highlighted Wilson’s ability to excel both in the pocket and on the run, qualities he sees mirrored in Daniels’ play.

Despite a recent stint with the Denver Broncos where Wilson struggled, his illustrious tenure with the Seattle Seahawks showcased his prowess, boasting a Super Bowl victory and nine Pro Bowl selections over ten seasons. This serves as a testament to Wilson’s status as one of the league’s premier quarterbacks during his prime years.

Cam Newton Likens Jayden Daniels to Steelers' Russell Wilson Ahead of NFL Draft
Cam Newton Likens Jayden Daniels to Steelers’ Russell Wilson Ahead of NFL Draft (Credits: Bleacher Report)

The anticipation surrounding which team will draft Jayden Daniels is palpable, particularly for franchises like the Washington Commanders and the New England Patriots, positioned at picks No. 2 and No. 3 respectively. Both teams are in search of their next franchise quarterback and could potentially benefit from Daniels’ skill set.

Daniels’ impressive performance at LSU, where he secured the Heisman Trophy, underscores his dual-threat capabilities. His statistics speak volumes, with a remarkable completion rate, prolific passing yards, and a notable contribution as a rusher, solidifying his status as a top prospect in the draft.

While Daniels currently holds the third spot among quarterbacks on the NFL Scouting Department’s big board, the comparison to Wilson could boost his appeal among NFL teams. Wilson’s remarkable success story presents a persuasive narrative that might prompt teams to perceive Daniels in a similar light, potentially increasing his value as a coveted prospect in the draft.


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