“Carmelo, you represent the lowest echelon of existence,” – Top WWE champion critiques Hayes’ disdainful remark.

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WWE Superstar Ilja Dragunov directly addressed Carmelo Hayes’ recent actions during the latest episode of NXT.

Following Hayes’ betrayal of his best friend Trick Williams at NXT Vengeance Day, he has now shifted his focus towards Ilja Dragunov. After ambushing Dragunov from behind a few weeks ago following his match on the developmental, Hayes has been explicit about his intentions to target Dragunov’s NXT Championship.

During this week’s episode, Ilja Dragunov had a pointed response for Hayes, condemning him as a coward for his attacks on both Trick and himself from behind and labeling him as the lowest form of life.

Despite his strong words, Dragunov accepted Hayes’ challenge and announced his willingness to defend his title at NXT RoadBlock, but with a condition: he requested Hayes to appear for a face-to-face confrontation next week.

Carmelo Hayes (Credits: WWE)

“Carmelo Hayes! From day one, I saw right through you. Your jealousy towards your best friends troubled you, and you chose to blame me? You are the epitome of cowardice, attacking Trick from behind and repeating the same with me. Melo, you are the lowest form of life.

A scavenger is creeping under the cloak of darkness. I possess what you desire. I’ll see you at RoadBlock under one condition. Show up next week and confront me face-to-face. Melo, come for the championship because I’m coming for something far more valuable… Your essence,” Dragunov asserted.

NXT RoadBlock 2024 is scheduled to be aired as a television special and will be held live from the WWE Performance Center.


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