Charitable Surge: Fans Unite to Support Joe Burrow Amidst Season-Ending Injury

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Joe Burrow
Joe Burrow

Following Joe Burrow’s unfortunate season-ending wrist injury, there has been an outpouring of support from fans, not only within Who Dey Nation but also from rival teams. The Cincinnati Bengals quarterback’s charitable causes, the Joe Burrow Hunger Relief Fund and the Joe Burrow Foundation, have experienced a significant increase in donations since the team’s announcement of his season-ending absence.

The surge in contributions can be attributed in large part to a Facebook post originating from a Kansas City Chiefs fan page called “Chiefs Kingdom Memes – CKM,” boasting around 64,000 followers. The post, acknowledging the intense rivalry between the Bengals and Chiefs in recent years, urged Chiefs fans to donate $9 to the Joe Burrow Hunger Relief Fund as a gesture of respect for Burrow in light of his injury.

Joe Burrow
Joe Burrow (Credits: CBS Sports)

Despite the heated competition between the Bengals and Chiefs, the post resonated with Chiefs fans, leading to a substantial influx of donations. Fans of the Bengals and supporters from various teams across the league quickly rallied behind the initiative.

One donor, Cory Xenos, expressed solidarity, stating, “I’m in #chiefskingdom, but we wish you a speedy recovery, Joe! We’re sending love to you and the community!” Another contributor, Matthew Poliachik, exemplified the widespread support, declaring, “To show support for #9 in the wake of his injury, after everything he’s done for the state of Ohio! Love from a Bills Mafia member living in Ohio!”

As of Saturday evening, the Facebook post garnered 967 likes and 758 shares. The Joe Burrow Foundation also reported a surge in donations, expressing gratitude to Bengals Nation and fans from across the league for their contributions to the Joe Burrow Foundation in support of Joe.

The Joe Burrow Hunger Relief Fund, established by the Athens County Food Pantry, and the Joe Burrow Foundation, founded by Burrow, his parents, and other community leaders, both encourage a $9 donation in honor of Burrow’s jersey number, known as “$9 for 9.” However, contributors are welcome to donate any amount they choose.


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