Charlie Lindgren to Start Crucial Game Against Flyers in Playoff Race

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Lindgren during an NHL encounter (Credit: RMNB)

In a bold move defying conventional NHL wisdom, the Washington Capitals are entrusting goaltender Charlie Lindgren with consecutive starts, bucking the trend of resting goalies on back-to-back days.

Lindgren, affectionately known as “The Outlaw,” will take to the ice once again against the Philadelphia Flyers, with playoff implications hanging in the balance.

With a victory against the Flyers, the Capitals will clinch a playoff berth and secure the second wild-card spot in the Eastern Conference. Head coach Spencer Carbery revealed this decision during a pregame press conference at the Wells Fargo Center, emphasizing Lindgren’s pivotal role in the team’s recent success.

Lindgren making a save as goalie during an NHL match (Credit: The Hockey News)

Carbery expressed confidence in Lindgren’s abilities, stating, “Chuckie has been arguably our Most Valuable Player… He’s earned this opportunity to play in the last game of the season where our chips are in the middle of the table.”

Lindgren’s recent performance underscores his importance to the Capitals’ postseason aspirations. In his last outing against the Boston Bruins, he recorded his NHL-leading sixth shutout of the season, further solidifying his status as a key player for Washington.

The decision to start Lindgren over Darcy Kuemper, who has struggled this season, reflects the team’s belief in Lindgren’s ability to deliver under pressure. Lindgren himself expressed gratitude for the opportunity, describing the game against the Flyers as a childhood dream realized.

This isn’t the first time Lindgren has been called upon for back-to-back starts, as he previously showcased his resilience in a similar scenario against the New York Rangers earlier in the season. Despite the demanding schedule, Lindgren remains unfazed, drawing on his past experiences to rise to the occasion.

As the Capitals gear up for this crucial matchup against the Flyers, Lindgren’s track record against Philadelphia provides additional reassurance. With a previous victory under his belt, Lindgren is poised to lead the Capitals to success in this pivotal game.

The Capitals’ decision to trust Lindgren for back-to-back starts reflects their confidence in his abilities and highlights his importance to the team’s postseason aspirations.


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