Chicago Cubs Manager Talks Frankly About Veteran Pitcher’s Performance

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Chicago Cubs Skipper Shares Brutally Honest Thoughts About Veteran Starter

The Chicago Cubs, despite facing challenges with injuries to key pitchers, have begun the season impressively under the management of Craig Counsell. However, one prominent starter, Kyle Hendricks, has struggled significantly, prompting frank assessments from Counsell and concerns within the organization.

Jameson Taillon’s return has provided a much-needed boost to the Cubs’ rotation, showing promise in his 2024 debut with a strong performance. However, the absence of ace Justin Steele due to a hamstring injury has heightened the urgency for Hendricks or another veteran pitcher to step up.

Chicago Cubs Manager Talks Frankly About Veteran Pitcher's Performance
Chicago Cubs Manager Talks Frankly About Veteran Pitcher’s Performance (Credits: Chicago Tribune)

Hendricks’ recent performances have been disappointing, with stats indicating he’s been overmatched and unable to give the team a chance to win when he starts. There’s speculation about a potential bullpen role for him, but the team’s injury situation limits their options for restructuring the rotation.

With Taillon’s return and Steele’s impending comeback, there’s a possibility of a role change for Hendricks depending on his performance going forward. Counsell’s blunt assessment underscores the importance of improvement from the 34-year-old pitcher.

Counsell and Jed Hoyer, the president of baseball operations, both recognize the necessity for Hendricks to step up his performance. Although there’s apprehension regarding his ability to return to top form, there’s still hope that Hendricks, a celebrated figure in Cubs’ history for his World Series contributions, will recapture his prowess and resume being a dependable choice for the team.


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