Cody Rhodes of WWE Discusses His Views on the ‘Cody Lie’ Idea

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Cody Rhodes

It’s been a huge week for Cody Rhodes, with two main event matches at WWE WrestleMania 40 and a world title win.

During his busy week, Rhodes appeared on “The Pat McAfee Show” and responded to comments from Bryan Danielson calling him a great liar.

“Bryan Danielson mentioned it, and though I wasn’t thrilled initially, I can roll with it a bit — there’s this thing in our business known as a ‘Cody Lie,'” Rhodes explained. “While I’m not fond of the term, I do tend to exaggerate things sometimes. But the rule is: it’s never about anything serious.”

Cody Rhodes

Rhodes emphasized that it’s all part of the fun in wrestling, and joked with McAfee about a past incident involving WWE Raw. He also shared his preference for storytelling over strict facts.

Danielson previously mentioned in a 2022 interview that Rhodes showed him how enjoyable it is to tell lies. Danielson, who is nearing the end of his wrestling career, enjoys creating silly lies, which is a bit different from Rhodes’ tendency to exaggerate.

At WrestleMania 40, Rhodes and Seth Rollins lost to The Rock and Roman Reigns on Saturday, setting up a match between Rhodes and Reigns for the world title on Sunday. Rhodes emerged victorious in that match, finally achieving his dream of becoming champion.


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