Cody Rhodes’ Victory in the 2024 WWE Royal Rumble Brings Both Blessings and Challenges

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Cody Rhodes
Cody Rhodes (Credits: Wrestling Junkie)

In the later stages of the men’s 2024 Royal Rumble match, only Cody Rhodes and CM Punk remained in the ring. A commentator acknowledged that fans would find it hard to complain about either outcome.

Indeed, Rhodes secured the victory in front of fervent supporters, while Punk adeptly played the role of the antagonist, setting the stage for a WrestleMania rematch against Roman Reigns.

However, it can be argued that Rhodes winning the men’s Rumble for the second consecutive year somewhat dampens the anticipation for ‘Mania season, repeating the pattern from the previous year.

Although Rhodes did not make a late entry to steal a win this time and insert himself into a family-based Bloodline feud at the last moment, the element of uncertainty around ‘Mania has diminished.

Before the Saturday night event, there was still speculation that Reigns might instead headline and defend his title against The Rock. This notion gained traction among fans, envisioning The Tribal Chief successfully defending and possibly surpassing Hulk Hogan’s third-longest title reign of 1,474 days.

Punk emerging as the winner would have added an interesting dynamic to television, as he could have teased his choice of opponent between Seth Rollins and Reigns, involving more interactions with Paul Heyman.

If things had unfolded that way, with The Second City Saint selecting Rollins, fans might have seen Rhodes using the Elimination Chamber to earn his shot at the rematch.

Some concerns arose from how WWE handled Rhodes after his initial loss to Reigns, with a prolonged feud with Brock Lesnar and fluctuating midcard involvement leading up to Saturday night’s victory.

Critics also question the potential parallels between Rhodes’ title run and Rollins’ current run. However, the silver lining of Rhodes’ win lies in the opportunity for a redemption arc, not just for the Superstar but also for WWE to rectify the storytelling missteps from the previous year.

While the intrigue may have waned, the cementing of the ‘Mania main event could reignite the missing Bloodline fire. Rhodes’ win may serve as the catalyst for an accelerated “isolated Tribal Chief who finally loses” angle, satisfying fans in a meaningful way.

Rhodes’ victory doesn’t harm Punk’s outlook either, especially with the likelihood of him main-eventing Night 1 against Rollins. The use of the Pedigree and the memorable “not losing to Dusty’s kid” line into the camera foreshadows Punk’s inevitable heel turn, maintaining intrigue for the next two months.

Despite the potential drawbacks, Rhodes winning again and potentially dethroning Reigns sets the stage for a compelling narrative. Winning back-to-back Rumble matches puts Rhodes in the company of iconic names like Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels, and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

While there are uncertainties and potential pitfalls, Rhodes’ win provides a second chance to craft a compelling story leading to WrestleMania, with the hope that all involved parties can make the journey worthwhile.

The narrative extends to where Reigns goes after a potential loss, contemplating the involvement of The Rock and the aftermath of a belt-less Reigns wreaking havoc on both rosters. Predictability in pro wrestling can be effective when executed well, as demonstrated by the captivating final two on Saturday night with Rhodes and Punk.


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