Cooper Flagg Leads East to Victory Over Ace Bailey’s West Team in 2024 McDonald’s All-American Game

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Cooper Flagg and the East team edge Ace Bailey and the West in the 2024 McDonald’s All-American Game

The McDonald’s All-American Game showcased the talents of the top 24 high school seniors on Tuesday night at the Toyota Center in Houston. The highly anticipated matchup saw the East’s Cooper Flagg facing off against Ace Bailey from the West, marking their first encounter in 5-on-5 game action.

In a closely contested game, the East emerged victorious with an 88-86 win, mirroring their earlier success in a closed scrimmage where Liam McNeeley’s game-winning 3-pointer secured the East’s triumph over the West.

Reflecting on the game, Kentucky commit Boogie Fland emphasized the competitive spirit among the players, highlighting the depth of talent in their class beyond mere exhibition. Despite the West’s initial lead, the East rallied in the second half, propelled by standout performances from Fland and Ian Jackson, who collectively scored 38 points and set the tempo with aggressive drives to the basket.

Derik Queen of the East led all players with 23 points and showcased his playmaking skills with five assists. Both Queen and Dylan Harper of the West were named co-MVPs, with Harper contributing 22 points and five assists.

The game remained tightly contested until the final minutes when Fland’s decisive drive secured the win for the East, underlining the competitive intensity throughout the matchup.

Flagg, although relatively quiet statistically, made significant contributions by stretching the defense and making smart plays to create scoring opportunities for his teammates.

The event provided Rutgers fans with a glimpse of their incoming star players, Harper and Bailey, despite their subdued performances.

Looking ahead, many of these top seniors will participate in the Chipotle Nationals in Indianapolis, followed by the Nike Hoop Summit and Jordan Brand Classic, offering NBA scouts further opportunities to evaluate their potential as future prospects.


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