Cooper Flagg Reclassified as No.1 Position: Explained

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Cooper Flagg
Cooper Flagg reclassifies ranked 1 in 2024 (Credits: Yahoo Sports)

Cooper Flagg, who is a high school basketball phenom, announced this Friday that he will be reclassifying to the class of the year 2024. This announcement was made after the summer performance in front of the college coaches and talent evaluators. Earlier, He was a member of the class of the year 2025, but he is definitely exceeding his path of potential by reclassifying this year.

Having his birth year in December 2006, he is old enough for the 2025 NBA draft, and this decision of his to jump a class will definitely position him to indeed pursue that option. With the current scenario, he would need to play college basketball matches during the season of the year 2024-25, or otherwise, he will be removed from high school in order to be draft-eligible, which comes under the NBA rules.

He would be ranked No.2 in the class of the year 2025 and ranked No.1 in the class of the year 2024, which is seen according to 247 Sports. The 6-foot-8 Florida academy earned MVP honors at Peach Jam in the month of July while they had a lead on Maine United to an appearance in the 16u championship game.

Cooper Flagg
Cooper Flagg recruitment (Credits: CBS Sports)

Did Cooper Flagg have recruitment?

Even before the time he began receiving widespread national summer attention, Cooper Flagg started turning his head. As a freshman, he was indeed considered the Gatorade player of the year in Maine, and this made him even win the state championship.

His instincts are definitely off the charts from both ends of the floor, and he is always ready to compete with a quiet type of that killer instinct. He is considered the defensive standout and even particularly dominant as a position of off-ball defender. He is even known for his good instinct as an underclassman shot blocker, as he has been seen as his size.

Considering the offensive side of his, he is considered an excellent passer with a good foundation that too of early skill and a developing playmaking ability. His footwork is considered just excellent. His shooting and handling are seen as good ones, and he is trying to improve it more.

He need not necessarily be seen as the focal point on that end of the floor, but he has shown and proved that he is capable enough to be in this position at the present time. Considering Flagg’s physical currently, he is solid enough to absorb the contact now, and in the coming year, he will only keep on adding muscle mass.

Potential implications for Duke:

If Flagg winds up committing to Duke, which has definitely favored him to land him by the 247 sports crystal ball and thus this would indeed be the latest splash for the second-year coach.

Five-star wing Isaiah and also the four-star wing Darren Harris are seen already committed to Blue Devils of the class of 2024, and adding Flagg to this group would definitely position Duke to land another top-three class.

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