Cooper Flagg Stands Out Against NBA Stars, Earns NBA Draft Attention with Duke Commitment

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Cooper Flagg
Cooper Flagg (NBA)

Cooper Flagg, a standout basketball prospect committed to Duke University, showcased his skills in a recent scrimmage against Team USA. Despite being just 17 years old and preparing with the Team USA select team, Flagg impressed observers by holding his own against NBA stars like LeBron James and Steph Curry.

According to Forbes’ Evan Sidery, he even stole the spotlight in some moments, displaying dominance on the court.

Videos from the scrimmage circulated showing Flagg’s fearlessness and skill. He confidently took on the high-caliber competition, sinking shots over seasoned NBA players and making tough plays under pressure.

This performance didn’t go unnoticed, with ESPN reporting that one NBA coach in attendance labeled Flagg as the standout player on the USA Select Team, a team that includes notable young talents and NBA prospects.

Cooper Flagg
Cooper Flagg (NBA)

Jim Boylen, an assistant coach for the Indiana Pacers working with the select team, praised Flagg’s exceptional performance, noting his composure and lack of intimidation.

Jalen Duren, another member of the select team, also commended Flagg for his hard work and fearless attitude, remarking on his readiness to compete at such a high level despite his age and lack of collegiate experience.

Even members of Team USA recognized Flagg’s determination and talent. Devin Booker of the Phoenix Suns pointed out Flagg’s strong desire and confidence on the court, highlighting his potential for future success in basketball. Flagg himself expressed confidence in his abilities and his commitment to playing the game he loves.

Flagg’s performance has solidified his status as a top prospect for the upcoming NBA draft, with analysts already pegging him as a player to watch.

As he prepares to join the Duke Blue Devils for his collegiate career, Flagg remains a highly regarded recruit, known for his skills, determination, and ability to excel against elite competition.

His journey from high school standout to potential NBA star is closely followed by basketball enthusiasts eager to see his continued development and impact on the sport.


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