Cowboys’ Jerry Jones is open to trades but won’t start discussions.

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Jerry Jones has expressed a willingness to make strategic changes to enhance the Dallas Cowboys before the upcoming trade deadline. However, he isn’t keen on initiating trade discussions, preferring other teams to approach first.

“It will have to come our way. I don’t want to preclude it in any way, but it always does. … The initiation of an opportunity to make a trade that would help us principally has to start over on the other end. That’s not showing a lack of aggressiveness, it’s just how it starts,” Jones mentioned during his recent interview on “Shan & RJ” aired on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas.

With the trade deadline set for Oct. 31 at 4 p.m. ET, the Cowboys, currently at a 4-2 record, trail the Philadelphia Eagles. Notably, the Eagles recently made a significant trade, bringing in safety Kevin Byard from the Tennessee Titans.

Jones is content with his team’s current lineup, stating, “I like where we are with our personnel today. I’m not thinking in any way that we need to upgrade our roster.” However, he also emphasized his readiness to make enhancements, noting, “I would really extend to improve our team right now. … Because I think we have a team that is a contender. So, I would do it right now.”

Jones described his trade strategy as “laying in wait,” implying that he’s ready to seize opportunities when they present themselves. “Your best chance to get it done is when it comes by you and you grab it,” he added.

Although pleased with the Cowboys’ 4-2 record, Jones admitted that the 42-10 defeat to the San Francisco 49ers in Week 5 lingers in his mind. He believes there’s room for improvement, especially in red zone offense and defense. Nevertheless, he remains optimistic about the team’s progress, saying, “we’re going to get better.”

Jones confidently places the Cowboys among the top NFL teams. “Well, we belong in the upper echelon. I’m not going to say that we belong on the field with San Fran, and we haven’t played Philly, but I’m anticipating Philadelphia being what they look like. So, I don’t want to go that far, but we’re in the upper echelon.”

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