Cyborg Returns: MMA Star Cris Cyborg Steps into Boxing Ring at Green Bay Fight Night

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Mixed martial arts icon Cris Cyborg is set to make her boxing comeback at Green Bay Fight Night on April 27, facing off against Widnelly Figueroa. This unexpected move surprises many as Cyborg has been vocal about her desire to return to the cage, but with no fight materializing in the PFL.

Despite the initial plan to fight Larissa Pachecho in June, Cyborg found herself with limited options, leading her to pursue a boxing match instead. Facing Figueroa, who boasts a tough record despite being winless in her two professional fights, Cyborg aims to demonstrate her boxing prowess and KO power in a different arena.

In a press release, Cyborg expressed her determination to showcase her improvements in boxing skills and translate her knockout abilities from MMA to the boxing ring. She acknowledges Figueroa’s experience and toughness, having faced boxing Olympians in the past, but remains confident in her preparation and training.

Cyborg’s decision to venture into boxing not only reflects her versatility as an athlete but also her ambition to bring excitement to women’s boxing, akin to her impact in women’s mixed martial arts. With a focus on delivering thrilling performances and fight-ending finishes, Cyborg aims to captivate fans and leave a lasting impression in the boxing world.

As Cyborg gears up for her boxing return, fans eagerly anticipate witnessing her transition from the octagon to the squared circle, as she continues to carve her legacy as one of the most dominant and versatile fighters in combat sports history.



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