Dak Prescott Sexual Assault Lawsuit Transferred to Different County

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Lawsuit Accusing Cowboys’ Dak Prescott of Sexual Assault Moved to New County

A lawsuit alleging sexual assault against Dak Prescott, the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, has undergone a change in jurisdiction, as confirmed by the plaintiff’s attorney and ESPN’s Todd Archer. Initially filed in Dallas County, the case has been relocated to Collin County, a move coinciding with the proximity of the Cowboys’ headquarters to the latter.

Attorney Yoel Zehaie explained that the relocation was primarily for logistical convenience, aligning the lawsuit’s jurisdiction with Collin County, where Prescott is counterclaiming against the woman for extortion. Contrary to initial reports suggesting the case had been dropped entirely, Zehaie clarified that this was not the case, as highlighted by Briahn Hawkins and Ryan Osborne of WFAA.

Dak Prescott
Dak Prescott

While the lawsuit in Dallas County was withdrawn following an April 8 request for “non-suit without prejudice,” allowing the plaintiff the option to refile in the future, this legal maneuver does not signal an abandonment of the case. The approval of the request by the judge on April 12 denotes a procedural step rather than a definitive conclusion.

Prescott’s counterclaim, seeking damages exceeding $1 million, accuses the defendant of attempting to extort $100 million from him through false allegations of sexual assault. This counterclaim arose after Prescott received a letter from the defendant’s legal representatives detailing the alleged incident, as reported by Mike Florio of NBC Sports.

The letter, dated January 16, demanded $100 million in damages to forgo criminal charges and public disclosure of the allegations. Investigations into both the sexual assault accusation by Dallas police and Prescott’s extortion claim by Prosper police remain active, according to reports by Michael Gehlken of the Dallas Morning News and Todd Archer. These parallel investigations underscore the complexity and gravity of the legal proceedings surrounding the allegations.

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