DaRon Bland’s Record-Breaking Journey: From Tying to Surpassing NFL Interception Return History in Just Five Days

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DaRon Bland
DaRon Bland (Credits: GV Wire)

After equalling the NFL single-season record for interception returns for a touchdown on Sunday, Dallas Cowboys cornerback DaRon Bland expressed his determination to surpass the mark as quickly as possible. In an impressive feat, he achieved this goal in just five days. During the Thanksgiving Day matchup against the Washington Commanders, the second-year cornerback sprinted 63 yards to score the Cowboys’ final touchdown in a dominating 45-10 victory.

Bland, sharing his excitement, stated, “It’s great, especially on this day. Another thing to be thankful for.” Prior to this game, Bland was tied with Eric Allen (1993), Jim Kearney (1972), and Ken Houston (1971) for the interception return record.

As of Thanksgiving Day, Bland leads the league in defensive touchdowns, surpassing any other team this season. His five touchdowns put him on par with notable offensive players like Travis Kelce, Saquon Barkley, and Josh Jacobs. Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott commended Bland’s performance, saying, “Helluva player, prepares, does everything the right way. I can’t say that I’m surprised he’s getting the ball in the sense that he is, but it’s incredible to watch him get these touchdowns and be hungry to get in the end zone. Proud of him.”

DaRon Bland
DaRon Bland (Credits: NBC News)

Bland’s record-breaking interception occurred as he jumped an out route from Washington’s Sam Howell to Jahan Dotson on second-and-10 from the Dallas 43. Evading tackles, he reached the end zone, prompting a jubilant celebration. The touchdown not only solidified his place in NFL history but also showcased his determination and resilience on the field.

Coach Mike McCarthy acknowledged the significance of the moment, commenting on the wild celebration that ensued. “I guess there’s some traditions I’m not totally in tune with yet. But I’m glad they worked with us, and obviously, we took the timeout, too, just to get control of it. Yeah, that’s a big moment, let’s be honest. The sideline erupted. So very happy, very proud of DaRon.”

Bland’s journey to this record-setting moment included impactful interceptions in previous games, highlighting his ability to capitalize on opponents’ mistakes. From his opening-season touchdown against the Giants to Sunday’s spectacular interception against the Commanders, Bland has consistently showcased his skill and determination.

Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones praised Bland’s mental toughness, stating, “It’s one thing to intercept the ball. It’s another thing to mentally expect to take it maybe to the end zone. That’s another dimension that I think we all ought to look at. That run he made into the end zone, I don’t care if it was a quarterback trying to tackle him, that run was a determined run.”

As Bland entered the locker room amid a roar of celebration, he reflected on the moment, saying, “I didn’t see anybody. I just heard it all. It felt good.” His record-breaking performance has not only solidified his place in NFL history but has also become a source of pride for the Dallas Cowboys and their fans.


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