Debunking the Hype: Overvalued Concepts in the New Patch of [Game]

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Overvalued Concepts of the New Patch

It’s been nearly a month since the latest patch, and despite the time that has elapsed, some players persist with ineffective ideas. While these notions may seem promising on paper, practical implementation often proves futile. Today, we address persistent misconceptions and argue against them, focusing on brevity.

Luna’s Khanda Build:

Despite the tempting synergy between Lucent Beam and Khanda cooldowns, the Khanda build on Luna isn’t advisable. Luna, a hero requiring proximity for optimal use of her ultimate, needs essential items like Mask of Madness, Manta Style, and Black King Bar for relevance. The Khanda build’s lack of substantial damage makes it a suboptimal investment.

Debunking the Hype: Overvalued Concepts in the New Patch of [Game]
Debunking the Hype: Overvalued Concepts in the New Patch of [Game] (Credits: Game Spot)
Phantom Assassin, in General:

Phantom Assassin’s subpar ~38% win rate in the highest bracket suggests her weakness in the current meta. Despite her popularity, she struggles to thrive in the fast-paced game environment, outclassed by other carriers. Picking Phantom Assassin often leads to unfavorable outcomes, except in specific scenarios, making it a questionable choice.

Ogre Magi Midas Rush:

While not exclusive to the new patch or Ogre, the tendency to rush Hand of Midas with casual Gloves of Haste is detrimental. This mistake jeopardizes the laning phase, grants the enemy a free farm, and may delay the Midas acquisition. The risk outweighs the reward, as a weak lane or even average opponents can exploit this choice, resulting in lost gold, experience, and map control.

Juggernaut’s Battle Fury:

Juggernaut’s historical dilemma between Battle Fury and Maelstrom leans towards the latter in the current meta. Emphasizing Attack Speed benefits Blade Fury and Omnislash, making the Maelstrom into Mjollnir progression more sensible for both farming and combat. The current meta prioritizes Juggernaut’s first two spells for sustain and utility, deviating from the previously dominant Battle Fury strategy.

Our analysis highlights prevalent misconceptions in this patch. Whether you agree or not, share your thoughts in the comments. Together, let’s refine our understanding of the current meta by discarding ineffective ideas.


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