Derwin James’ Ankle Injury Puts Chargers’ Defense at Risk Ahead of Chiefs Clash

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Derwin James
Derwin James

The Los Angeles Chargers faced a tough loss against the Dallas Cowboys on Monday night, and their week didn’t get any easier with star safety Derwin James showing up on the Thursday injury report. James was limited in practice due to an ankle injury, raising concerns just days before their crucial Week 7 matchup against division rivals, the Kansas City Chiefs.

The timing of James’ injury couldn’t be less ideal. Facing the Chiefs, who have a strong passing game centered around tight end Travis Kelce, James typically plays a significant role in the Chargers’ game plan to contain Kelce.

Derwin James
Derwin James

During his career, James has missed three of the ten matchups against the Chiefs due to injury. In the games where he faced off against Kelce, the tight end put up impressive stats, and the Chiefs emerged victorious. The Chargers’ record against Kansas City stands at 2-5 in games where James has played, but his presence has helped limit Kelce’s end-zone appearances in five of the seven games, resulting in two Chargers’ wins.

If James is absent or hindered due to the ankle injury, it could have a considerable impact on the Chargers’ chances of avoiding a 2-4 record.


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