Devin Haney’s Next Opponent Confirmed After Ryan Garcia, With a Catch

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Devin Haney’s Next Fight After Ryan Garcia Is Already Decided, but There Is a Catch

Devin Haney’s trajectory in boxing is under scrutiny as he eyes a shot at becoming undisputed champion. However, his immediate focus is on facing Ryan Garcia, a crucial step towards his ambitions. Scheduled to meet at the Barclays Center, this matchup is pivotal in determining whether Haney’s plans will hold or require recalibration.

Eddie Hearn, Haney’s promoter, has already laid out the path ahead, with Sandor Martin looming as the next mandatory challenger. Haney’s directive to Hearn emphasizes his determination not to vacate his WBC super-lightweight title, underscoring his commitment to the goal of undisputed glory.

Haney’s unwavering focus on the bigger picture extends beyond merely defending his title; he aims to assert dominance in the super-lightweight division. However, standing in his path is no ordinary contender. With an impressive record of 42-3, Sandor Martin poses a significant challenge, one that Haney cannot afford to underestimate.

Devin Haney vs Ryan Garcia
Devin Haney vs Ryan Garcia (Credits: Billboard)

For Martin, this fight represents more than just a chance at glory; it’s a means of providing for his family. Motivated by newfound fatherhood, Martin is driven to succeed against Haney and secure a shot at the title. His determination reflects a deeper personal journey, one intertwined with the pursuit of boxing greatness.

As the anticipation builds for the showdown between Haney and Garcia, questions linger about the future trajectory of both fighters. Will Haney’s meticulous plans withstand the test posed by Garcia and the subsequent challenge from Martin? Or will the relentless drive of challengers like Martin reshape the narrative, altering the legacy of these fighters in the process?

With the stage set for tomorrow’s bout, speculation abounds regarding the outcome and its implications for the super-lightweight division. As fans await the showdown, the stakes have never been higher, with each fighter poised to leave their mark on boxing history.


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