Diana Taurasi’s Candid Advice for Caitlin Clark’s WNBA Future

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Diana Taurasi
Diana Taurasi

Iowa guard Caitlin Clark faces her final college game in the national championship against South Carolina, a pivotal moment in shaping her legacy as one of America’s top college athletes. Despite the upcoming title game, attention has already shifted to her future in the WNBA.

Following Iowa’s victory over Connecticut in the Final Four, former Huskies guard Diana Taurasi cautioned that Clark’s transition to the professional league wouldn’t be seamless. Taurasi emphasized the challenge of competing against seasoned professionals after dominating college opponents.

Taurasi’s remarks highlight the reality awaiting Clark in the WNBA, where she’ll face experienced players. Despite her exceptional performance in college, she will need time to adjust to the higher level of competition as a rookie.

With the Indiana Fever expected to select Clark as the top pick in the upcoming WNBA draft, anticipation builds for her professional career. Taurasi’s advice underscores the need for patience and resilience as Clark navigates the transition from collegiate to professional basketball.


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