Drew Brees Reveals Retirement Decision Hinged on Unrecoverable Right Shoulder Injury: If I Could Throw with My Right Arm, I’d Still Be Playing

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Drew Brees
Drew Brees (Credits: CBS Sports)

Retired quarterback Drew Brees recently disclosed that he would still be actively playing if he could utilize his right arm for throwing, but unfortunately, that option is no longer viable due to a significant shoulder injury he sustained in 2005.

During an appearance on ESPN Radio’s “Greeny” show on Tuesday, the 44-year-old Brees addressed inquiries about potential comebacks, revealing that there had been a couple of subtle inquiries about him returning to the NFL one or two years after his retirement in 2021.

In a candid revelation, Brees explained, “Look, I’ll let you in on a little fact. I don’t throw with my right arm anymore. My right arm does not work. So, when I throw in the backyard right now, I throw left-handed.” He emphasized the limitation imposed by his shoulder injury, stating, “If I could throw with my right arm, I would absolutely still be playing.”

Drew Brees
Drew Brees (Credits: MSN)

The retired quarterback, known for his illustrious career with the New Orleans Saints, made these remarks while promoting a pickleball event he participated in alongside John McEnroe. Brees humorously noted that he could engage in pickleball due to its lower physical demands, but anything involving movements above his shoulder proved challenging.

The pivotal moment in Brees’ career came in 2005 when he suffered a dislocated shoulder while playing for the San Diego Chargers, an injury that nearly ended his professional journey. The incident accelerated the onset of degenerative shoulder issues and various arthritic changes, prompting Dr. James Andrews to perform a comprehensive shoulder repair in 2006. Reportedly, the procedure involved using a record-breaking 12 anchors to address a complete 360-degree tear of Brees’ labrum, along with repairing at least a partial tear in the rotator cuff.

Despite the setback, Brees went on to sign with the New Orleans Saints in 2006 after the Miami Dolphins withdrew from negotiations due to concerns about his shoulder. Brees acknowledged the accuracy of the Dolphins’ medical assessments regarding the “long-term prognosis” for his shoulder but credited Dr. Andrews for guiding him through short-term measures that extended his playing career.

Expressing gratitude towards Dr. Andrews, Brees highlighted the pivotal role the renowned surgeon played in allowing him to achieve remarkable success with the Saints. Over 15 seasons, he amassed impressive statistics, including 68,010 passing yards and 190 touchdowns. Brees led the Saints to a Super Bowl championship after the 2009 season, and his career totals of 80,358 passing yards and 571 passing touchdowns rank second only to Tom Brady in NFL history.


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