Dubas Discusses Guentzel, Trade Deadline, and Penguins’ Future

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Kyle Dubas
Kyle Dubas (Credits: DK Pittsburg Sports)

The last time Kyle Dubas addressed the media was back in December, expressing patience and optimism regarding his team’s performance leading up to the trade deadline. However, as the deadline approaches, things haven’t gone according to plan.

Dubas acknowledged that the team’s current position is not what they had hoped for initially. Despite attempting to remain patient out of respect for the core players, there hasn’t been significant progress in the standings.

In a recent press conference, Dubas touched on various topics. He discussed Jake Guentzel’s situation, emphasizing the need to balance the team’s veteran presence with the necessity to get younger. While acknowledging interest from other teams in several players, he did not imply that the entire roster is up for grabs.

Dubas reaffirmed his support for the coaching staff and took responsibility for the team’s underperforming power play. He ruled out asking players to waive their no-trade clauses and expressed a preference for acquiring younger talent to support the team’s core.

Jake Guentzel
Jake Guentzel (Credits: Daily Faceoff)

He highlighted the team’s struggles to function as intended, particularly due to deficiencies in the power play and limited offensive contributions from lower lines. Despite challenges, Dubas believes that with players like Crosby and Malkin, the team should not be among the bottom five in the league.

However, Dubas hinted at the need for rejuvenation, particularly in terms of youth development, implying a potential shift in the team’s composition. Although he didn’t explicitly mention Guentzel in his long-term plans, he stressed the importance of younger players growing alongside the core veterans.

Despite efforts to keep the team competitive, Dubas admitted that their performance has not met expectations. With time ticking away, the possibility of trading Guentzel to inject youth into the team is becoming increasingly likely.


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