Everton Manager Sean Dyche Draws Comparision Between ‘Impressive’ Arsenal and Manchester City

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Arsenal players celebrating their goal against Everton
Arsenal players celebrating their goal against Everton (Credits: Getty Images)

Everton Boss Sean Dyche noticed the resemblance between Manchester City and Arsenal after Leandro Trossard scored an astonishing goal for The Gunners in a hard-fought 1-0 win in the Premier League at Goodison Park on Saturday.

Crumbling of Arsenal is a frequent scene, so it wasn’t just relief when Leandro Trossard’s brilliant first-time finish went through the post on the way past Jordan Pickford.

It was more like an ‘exercising the ghost of the past’ instance for The Gunners. They had previously lost in a manner frequently associated with Sean Dyche’s teams in February, and they hadn’t triumphed in this region of the North West since Nacho Monreal, Alexis Sanchez, and Mesut Ozil scored in 2017.

Sean Dyche during a Premier League match
Sean Dyche ( Credits: Getty Images )

Arsenal Secures Victory Over Everton at Goodison Park After a Long Wait

“I must say, that’s a perfect side,” Dyche, gracious in defeat, told Yahoo Sports at full-time, unbeaten Arsenal staying within two points of Pep Guardiola’s pacesetters.

“Some say they haven’t started that well. But they’re an outfit that went second last year and spent a couple of hundred million quid. It’s not just with the ball; I always mention Man City. They’re technically bright with the ball, work very hard, and anticipate the game very well without the ball.

And there were signs that Arsenal can do the same.

About Seven months earlier, Arsenal got themselves swallowed into the exceptionally febrile Goodison atmosphere. Dyche’s tactics turned them from a powerhouse to a struggling fighter, and James Tarkowiski’s second-half goal was the game’s decisive moment.

Although This Arsenal side feels more mature, controlled, stronger, and resilient for replicating the type of collapse that they had in the latter stage of the League.

For instance, during Arsenal’s First victory at Goodison Park after six years, they controlled three-quarters of the possession and restricted the home team to only one shot on target.

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Leandro Trossard after scoring the winning goal against Everton in The Premier League
Leandro Trossard ( Credits: Getty Images )

Arsenal Prove Their Consistency Beyond a Single Season

“There were some pleasing aspects to the game against Arsenal,” Dyche insists. “I’m not going just to brush that away.

“But we want to do better for ourselves. With possession, we want to build from the back. There weren’t any clear signs of that. If we’re not playing that well, we’ve got to play well in different ways and be effective in different ways.”


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