Ex Wallaby Wants Answers from Eddie Jones about the ‘Empty Line’

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Ex Wallaby Wants Answers from Eddie Jones about the 'Empty Line'
Former Australia rugby player Drew Mitchell (Credits: Daily Telegraph)

Former Australia rugby player Drew Mitchell criticized Eddie Jones as the Wallabies face a crucial match against Wales. If Australia loses on Sunday, it would be their first time not advancing past the group stage in 36 years of the tournament.

Because of their 22-15 defeat to Fiji, Australia is in a tough spot, and Mitchell, who played in three World Cups and earned 71 caps, thinks that coach Eddie Jones, who used to coach England, should explain some things.

Eddie Jones (Credits: WWOS – Nine)

“Fiji played well, but we shouldn’t forget that we should not have lost to Fiji,” Mitchell said on The Good, The Bad, and The Rugby Australia podcast.

“Eddie sits there and says, ‘Oh, it’s my fault.’ I take full responsibility. But what does that mean? ‘He will not be dropped this week. He will not be dropped next week. No training. It is like a blank line in a press conference.

“They made some obvious decisions regarding Quaid (Cooper) and Michael Hooper. Captaincy, six captains in seven weeks. “I think all of us as fans are sitting here scratching our heads. Please explain some of these decisions to us.

Come Out and Tell Us Why you Didn’t Pick these Guys.

“A lot of times, we can sit there and defend Eddie or the Wallabies because we can understand the logic of that decision. “But there’s nothing like that, and he’s sitting there thinking why Quaid? There was no explanation as to why Michael Hooper was not available.

“Why didn’t you choose Michael Hooper?” Quade Cooper? Please come out and tell us as a fan. Why did not you choose these people? Because now we see the consequences of you not choosing some of these people.”

Meanwhile, Australia’s players continue to prepare for their match against Wales in Saint-Etienne. “I have worked with him (Eddie Jones) for five years, and he’s sharp every day,” Wallabies scrum coach Neil Hatley told reporters.

“He works very hard and does not miss anything. He sent me a message early this morning at around 04:30. Eddie has carefully studied Australian rugby and has a plan to make it better. I trust in his plan a lot.”

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