Fans Criticize Anthony Davis’ Shooting Performance as Lakers Fall to Jazz in the Absence of LeBron James

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Anthony Davis’ Shooting Slammed by Fans as Lakers Lose to Jazz Without LeBron James

It was a tough night for the Los Angeles Lakers.

With LeBron James out with an ankle injury, the Lakers were hoping to rely on Anthony Davis and company to power the team to a win over a Utah Jazz team that it is jockeying for position within the Western Conference standings.

Unfortunately for Los Angeles, it just wasn’t enough.

Los Angeles Lakers @Lakers

Final from Utah

The 132-125 loss dropped the Lakers to 19-20 on the season while allowing the Jazz to remain in front in the standings as it improved to 20-20. The Lakers are currently in 11th place in the Western Conference and would be the first team out of the Play-In Tournament.

D’Angelo Russell was a bright spot for the Lakers in the game, scoring 39 points with eight assists and three rebounds. Austin Reaves contributed 19 points, Rui Hachimura had 17 off the bench, and Christian Wood contributed 15 from the bench.

However, the most polarizing day came from Davis. He had a triple-double, scoring 15 points, grabbing 15 rebounds, and dishing out 11 assists. While that appears impressive at the outset, the base stats do not tell the whole story.

He had an extremely rough shooting day, going 5-of-21 on field goals. This inefficiency certainly played a major role in the final score not going the Lakers’ way and dimming the otherwise solid stat line.

Fans on social media expressed frustration with Davis’s shooting struggles and viewed his stat line as a weak triple-double.

🐍HoodiiMamba 🐍 @HoodiiMamba

i think its time we officially remove Anthony Davis from Top 3 PF/Center Talks

dude is 5/20 when hes supposed to be the Number 1 Option

im scared for whats gonna happen when lebron leaves and hes alone


Meg @_meganmayhem

Collin Sexton out rebounding Anthony Davis I am in hell


ALakersFan™ @ALakersFanAcct

terrible game for AD but he was due

that does not affect how incredible he has been all season long, just like LeBron’s off nights

the consistency is yet to be seen from others, but Anthony Davis has been our best, also LeBron.


Primetime @PrimeTimeBS15

Anthony Davis didnt score a single point in the 4th qtr of a close game, missing every single shot he took.

Completely pathetic. The Lakers couldve won this game.


Nick C. @NickoToGo

5/21 for Anthony Davis.

Hate to say it but this one might just be on him.


Doom CMYK @Doom_CMYK

Anthony Davis looks like he’s missing shots on purpose. He’s trying to force foul calls and throwing it up high off the glass.


Jimbo Slice @JimboRudding

Anthony Davis is the most overrated “superstar” in the league.


kenfromNewportBeach @kenfromnewport

5 for 21 for Anthony Davis. I dare you to tell me that he was not in a party in all night. What a horrible basketball team.


Eagles4 Life @eagles4_lifeyt

“Let Anthony Davis cook”

JM3 @JM3Hoops



TJ @TinManTJ27

Anthony Davis looks like a shell of himself. Looks like a man in the twilight of his career


Clive🇨🇲 @MbahClive

Pls i never want to hear anthony davis in same sentence as embiid



Could Anthony Davis play worse? #Lakers


Parody @_therealNobody

Anthony Davis refund our money


. @legoat2349

Anthony Davis today

dmac @ddnnymac

maybe anthony davis should’ve sat out this game


beez @BeezRogue



BjergCop @BjergCop

anthony davis got to have the worst triple double of all time


The loss and related drop in the standings is certainly concerning for a Lakers team with high hopes, but a few pickups at the deadline could certainly make a difference.

Los Angeles will look to rebound Sunday when it hosts the Oklahoma City Thunder at 10:30 P.M. ET.

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