“Football is my preference”: Joel Embiid’s surprising remark following his absence from 2 NBA games

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Joel Embiid
Joel Embiid

In his eighth season with the Philadelphia 76ers, Joel Embiid is showcasing some of the best basketball of his career. However, his 12 missed games this season have drawn criticism. Following two consecutive absences after Thursday night’s 134-122 loss against the Indiana Pacers, Embiid expressed his preference for football over basketball.

During an interview on the Men in Blazers podcast, Joel Embiid spoke candidly about his passion for football. Despite being hailed as one of the NBA’s top talents, Embiid’s love for one of the world’s most prominent sports remains undiminished.

Joel Embiid
Joel Embiid (Credits: NBA)

“I’d rather be a football player than a basketball player,” Embiid stated emphatically. “That’s how much I love it. Football, to me, is incomparable in terms of global appeal. There’s nothing like it. I appreciate the team concept. In basketball, having two standout players can secure victories, but in football, the entire team must unite.”

There’s a common belief that having two-star players in the NBA is sufficient for success. However, the reality is different, given the fierce competition among teams. While it’s feasible to win regular-season games with two standout players, it’s not a guarantee. A solid supporting cast is necessary for sustained success, particularly during deep playoff runs.

Football’s emphasis on teamwork over individual brilliance resonates strongly in basketball as well. The sport’s structure, with five players on the court for each team, mirrors the collective effort required for success.


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