For ten years, the NFL draft has been traveling around, and now it’s making its next stop in Detroit, where it’s aiming to shine in the spotlight

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NFL Draft In Detroit 2024

For ten years, the NFL draft has been traveling around, giving cities around the country a chance to shine.

Now, it’s Detroit’s turn. The Motor City, which once faced tough times including bankruptcy in 2013, is making a comeback. Fans coming from all over will notice signs of progress, big and small.

On the way from the airport to downtown, they’ll see the word DETROIT spelled out in large letters along the freeway. The old Michigan Central Station, which was abandoned for years, has been renovated thanks to Ford Motor Co., turning it from an eyesore into something beautiful.

In downtown, where the NFL draft starts Thursday night, a tall tower is being built on the site of the old Hudson’s department store, marking one of the biggest construction projects in the city in decades.

With millions of viewers and hundreds of thousands of visitors expected over three days, the NFL draft is a chance to showcase Detroit’s positive changes.

Rod Wood, the President of the Lions, pitched Detroit as a draft spot in 2016. A year later, he teamed up with the Detroit Sports Commission to formally bid for the NFL’s annual event, which brings hope to fans of each team.

The Lions, along with the local sports commission, Visit Detroit, Dan Gilbert’s real-estate company, Bedrock, and the Detroit Police Department are working together to make the most of this opportunity.

Dan Gilbert, speaking to The Associated Press, believes hosting the draft in Detroit will help change the city’s old image and showcase it in a new light.


This is part of the NFL’s plan, with over 20 cities competing to host future drafts. Green Bay will host next year’s draft.

Since the draft moved from New York a decade ago, the NFL has aimed to give cities, especially those in colder climates without a Super Bowl, a chance to host a major event with significant economic benefits.

Chicago hosted the first tour stop in 2015, generating $81 million for the community. Last year, Kansas City hosted, bringing in $164 million in economic impact.

Lions general manager Brad Holmes sees the draft as another opportunity for the franchise and the city to come together. He expects downtown Detroit to be bustling with excitement during the event and is looking forward to the positive impact it will have on local businesses.

Detroit’s upcoming draft is predicted to generate at least $160 million, providing a boost to small businesses as fans gather in and around Campus Martius Park.

One such business, Hot Sam’s, a 103-year-old men’s clothing store and tailor shop, is anticipating more than just increased foot traffic.

NFL Draft Jersey (Credits: NFL)

Lauren Stovall, representing the business, will be onstage during the draft’s final day on Saturday. Stovall expressed excitement, noting that many people have misconceptions about Detroit until they visit and discover its true character.

Despite ongoing challenges in some neighborhoods, including the demolition of abandoned houses and efforts to reduce crime, Detroit has seen significant progress. Crime rates have decreased, with homicides at their lowest since 1966.

Detroit Police Chief James White emphasized the importance of maintaining vigilance, with hundreds of officers from various agencies patrolling downtown and neighborhoods during the draft. Additionally, security measures, including bomb-sniffing dogs and intelligence monitoring of social media, are being implemented to ensure safety.

Mayor Mike Duggan highlighted the significance of the draft in showcasing Detroit, emphasizing the opportunity to present a positive image of the city to a broader audience. He expressed optimism about reintroducing Detroit to America through the event.


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