Formula E Remains Interested in Returning to India, Emphasizes Need for Stability in Decision-making

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Formula E open to India return but only with “stable decision”

The highly anticipated second Hyderabad E-Prix, slated for this weekend, faced an abrupt cancellation just over a month ago, sending ripples of disappointment across the motorsport community.

Formula E, the all-electric championship, made the tough call to scrap the event following a letter from the newly elected Government of Telangana in December, expressing concerns that could impact the race.

Formula E cited the local government’s lack of intent to fulfill the Host City Agreement as the primary reason behind the decision to cancel the race, which was finalized in January.

Formula E
Formula E (Credits: Motorsport)

While losing the venue from the 2024 schedule was undoubtedly disheartening, Formula E’s Chief Operating Officer, Dodds, remains hopeful about returning to India in the future under stable circumstances.

Expressing his enthusiasm for racing in India again, Dodds emphasized the importance of ensuring calendar stability to avoid last-minute uncertainties regarding race occurrences. He stressed the significance of providing fans with a predictable schedule to foster growth and momentum for the sport.

The sudden cancellation of the Hyderabad E-Prix created a seven-week gap in the Formula E schedule between the Diriyah event in January and the upcoming Sao Paulo race next month. Despite efforts to fill the gap falling short due to time constraints, Dodds remains optimistic that the championship’s image hasn’t suffered significantly.

While acknowledging the complexities leading to the race cancellation, Dodds highlighted the adverse impact on teams, manufacturers, and partners who had invested in the region.

Indian companies like Mahindra Racing and TCS Jaguar, alongside the addition of Indian driver Jehan Daruvala, underline the close ties between Formula E and India, making the cancellation particularly disappointing for those involved.


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