Francisco Lindor’s Slump: Why the Mets Shouldn’t Worry

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Francisco Lindor slump: Why Mets shouldn’t be too concerned about star shortstop’s early struggles

The 2024 season hasn’t been kind to New York Mets’ shortstop Francisco Lindor, who’s experiencing a notable slump. Despite recent hits in three consecutive games, Lindor’s batting average stands at a paltry .111, with a .222 on-base percentage and a .185 slugging percentage through his first 13 games. This slow start is particularly striking considering Lindor’s career track record.

Lindor’s current slump is evident when comparing his performance to historical data. His .407 OPS ranks among the lowest over any 13-game span in his career, with most of the worse stretches occurring during his rookie season in 2016. However, Mets fans showed support by giving him a standing ovation, which seemed to lift his spirits even if it didn’t immediately improve his performance.

Analyzing Lindor’s slump reveals some positive indicators that suggest the Mets shouldn’t be overly concerned. One such metric is “hard outs,” which assesses outs that likely should have been hits based on batted ball data like exit velocity and launch angle. Lindor ranks second in the league with 10 hard outs, indicating he’s been unlucky rather than inept.

Francisco Lindor
Francisco Lindor (Credits: Essentially Sports)

Additionally, Lindor’s whiff and chase rates, which measure his tendency to swing and miss or chase pitches outside the strike zone, haven’t significantly worsened. In fact, his whiff and chase rates in 2024 are on track to be the lowest of his Mets career, suggesting he’s maintaining his approach despite the slump.

While Lindor’s slump is partly attributed to bad luck, there are also indications of a timing issue in his hitting mechanics. Analysis of his ball trajectory shows a decrease in hitting the ball within the optimal range of launch angles. This suggests a potential mechanical adjustment or timing issue rather than a fundamental decline in skill.

Despite Lindor’s slow start to the season, there are positive signs that this slump is temporary. His underlying metrics indicate that he’s still making solid contact and maintaining his approach at the plate. With time and potential adjustments, Lindor is likely to emerge from this slump and return to his usual form.


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