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Frank Clark's Return to Seattle Seahawks A Throwback Player in Throwback Uniforms

Frank Clark’s Return to Seattle Seahawks: A Throwback Player in Throwback Uniforms

This weekend, the Seattle Seahawks are set to don throwback uniforms, but their potential roster addition is more like a throwback player. Frank Clark, who previously played for the Seahawks from 2015 through 2018, is making a comeback to the team after a stint of more than four years, during which he achieved two Super Bowl wins with other franchises.

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll informed reporters that Clark could see action as soon as Sunday when they face the Cleveland Browns. Carroll expressed confidence in Clark’s ability to seamlessly fit into their scheme, playing as an outside linebacker and contributing to their 4-3 defensive strategy.

Frank Clark's Return to Seattle Seahawks: A Throwback Player in Throwback Uniforms
Frank Clark’s Return to Seattle Seahawks: A Throwback Player in Throwback Uniforms (Credits: FOX News)

Carroll emphasized the significance of Clark’s experience, particularly within a group of younger players. He hopes that Clark’s knowledge and skills will complement the team effectively. The role Clark is expected to play will closely resemble the one he had during his previous four-year tenure with the Seahawks.

Carroll also praised Clark’s enthusiastic and energetic nature, describing him as an explosive player who can make big plays and boost the team’s morale. Clark has a history of bringing high energy to the club, and Carroll anticipates a positive impact on their performance. The coach emphasized that they are excited to have Clark back and are looking forward to tapping into his potential to help the team.

Frank Clark, initially a second-round draft pick out of Michigan, was traded to the Kansas City Chiefs after being franchise-tagged in early 2019. Carroll reflected on Clark’s growth with the Seahawks, from a young player to a seasoned professional. He highlighted the rewarding nature of having Clark return to the team after achieving success and winning a world championship elsewhere.

Clark became available for signing just 11 days ago when the Denver Broncos released him following an agreement to reduce his base salary for termination-pay purposes. While there were rumors linking Clark to the Kansas City Chiefs, an opportunity arose for him to return to Seattle due to Uchenna Nwosu’s season-ending injury.

In sum, the Seahawks are welcoming back Frank Clark, a familiar face, with high hopes of his contributing positively to the team’s performance once again.


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